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Dusit Cottesloe has settled into our new home on Station Street ready to bring the familiar yet exotic tastes of coastal Thailand to Western Australia.

Our passionate Head Chef spent many years training professionally to develop his culinary skills in Perth, learning and drawing inspiration from some of the best known Chefs in Australia. 


Our team has won 10+ awards along the journey over the years, including The Best Thai Restaurant in Australia. The curated recipes result in the perfect combination of flavours and inspirations from Thai traditions and western cultures that create the well-balanced modern Thai you love and enjoy.

The menu is especially tailored for sharing. Start your first course with some special favourites - spring rolls and curry puffs, or delve into the unique Thai tastes inspired by the coastal town of Cottesloe with our fish cakes and seared prawns salad.

Our main dishes deliver your favourite Thai spices and savoury spoonfuls, served hot from the wok - Thai curries, pad Thai, twice roasted pork belly with refreshing green papaya salad and hot tamarind glazed bites. 

Always leave room for dessert - sweet sticky rice with mango, or palate-cleansing lime tart with homemade roasted coconut ice-cream.

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