Early Monday morning 12th June, family and friends of Dusit Dheva gathered together in their beautiful dining space for a spiritual blessing led by Ajahm Appi and fellow monks from the Bodhimyana Forest Monastery, WA.


Candles were lit and the formal ceremony quietly began with silent sitting and meditation.


Those gathered then recited prayers and offered gifts of charity to the monks as a gesture of service to those in need in society. These would be distributed to the needy afterwards. 


Rice was then offered to the monks, following a monastic ritual in Thailand where the monks go into the town to collect food for their one daily meal. The rice was blessed, and then shared symbolically in a spiritual interchange where all celebrated together in eating a delectable spread of Thai cuisine which was imbued with the blessed rice.


After eating, the monks continued with chanting mantras and performed other deeply symbolic rituals using rice, water, connective string and incense, which served to radiate goodness and well wishing in the participants. 


The vibration of the mantras penetrated deep into the cooking and dining space of Dusit Dheva, attracting positive energy and inviting celestial beings to cleanse and protect the space. The Blessing ceremony came to a gentle close leaving all feeling energised and peaceful. 

Dusit Dheva Thai Cuisine



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